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Coffee brewing with just a push of a button. Personal machine-barista at your home and office doorstep.


Espresso Coffee Machines, Grinders and Barista Accessories

Copiaa is about Ensuring That The Journey To Your Brilliant Cuppa Keeps Delivering Pleasure, Time And Again.

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In the event of a breakdown or malfunction, our technicians help at no cost consultation or arrive at the desired place within minimum time following confirmation from clients.



Our periodic inspections app is known as Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) which has been put into effect by our firm includes 15 days or 30 days or 60 days periodic inspections.


We’re putting in disposal highly qualified staff of service technicians, who are experienced and trained in order to guarantee reliable operation of machines.


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Top 3 Countries that Make the Best Coffee

Top 3 Countries that Make the Best Coffee

One of the most ancient agriculture goods on the history of mankind, coffee has its origin in Africa, on ancient Ethiopia, where it used to be cultivated by ancestors of today’s Oromo people.  The folklore of the region it’s also full of stories involving the coffee...

Top 5 Benefits of Large Coffee Makers

Top 5 Benefits of Large Coffee Makers

Do you like a hot cup of coffee every morning? If you are a coffee person then you won’t be able to start a single day without sipping your favorite coffee. There are some great coffee shops out there, but it is not possible to go there all the time. Instead, if you...

5 Things you Need to know about Coffee

5 Things you Need to know about Coffee

Who on his or her right mind would put inside his or her system a hot and black beverage every single day, or worse, twice a day or more? Let me guess here: you. Or someone you know. The fact is coffee is one of the most loved beverages of the planet and it will...

The Best Drip Coffeemakers of 2017

The Best Drip Coffeemakers of 2017

There are numerous machines to make coffee, which is the most favorite beverage in the world. There are several subcategories like single-cup coffeemakers, percolators, French press coffeemakers and drip coffeemakers. The drip coffee makers are the most popular ones...

5 Easy Ways to Clean a Coffeemaker

5 Easy Ways to Clean a Coffeemaker

Coffeemakers can easily have mold and bacteria due to the high level of moistures. Coffeemakers require cleaning after every use, and you should deep clean them at least once a month to remove hard water deposits and other impurities.  Some people think the easiest...


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