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Who on his or her right mind would put inside his or her system a hot and black beverage every single day, or worse, twice a day or more? Let me guess here: you. Or someone you know. The fact is coffee is one of the most loved beverages of the planet and it will continue to be for years, decades and centuries to come.

Knowing that, it is time for you to learn five things you need to know about such an adored drink.


Coffee is fuel for artists:

George R. R. Martin, the mind behind A Song of Ice and Fire has already written that coffee for him is a kind of fuel. Rumor has it Beethoven, the genius who composed The Fifth Symphony, was also addicted to this dark liquid. Proust, and Balzac too have drunk a lot of coffee, the latter may have died because of it. Others famous coffee lovers are L. Frank Baum and David Lynch. There are even artist who paint with it, like Karen Eland, from Tulsa and Hong Yi. It is worthy of mention that Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a musical satire about coffee addiction.

Coffee is not a grain:

We consume coffee as grains, yes, but its primal state it’s not grainy. Coffee is actually a fruit, a cherry type of fruit, just like other cherries you use to see and eat. You never saw this coming, did you?

Coffee can be found all around the world:

Despite only being cultivated in some specific regions of the planet – mainly in Brazil – all the globe have access to the beverage. It doesn’t matter if you are in the United States of American, in the United Kingdom, in Angola, in Chile, in Finland, in China, in New Zealand. You can be spending your holidays in Eastern Island but you still you have coffee to drink if that is your wish. It only makes sense, since this is the most popular beverage of the globe, only behind water. That is the truth tea lovers, I’m sorry. Live with it.

Coffee was a food:

It is a cherry, remember? So it is only natural coffee was a kind of food before establishing its reign in the hearts and minds of people. It is curious to imagine how it became a drink in the first place, because the whole open the cherry and smash what’s inside and put some hot water on it process is sort of counter intuitive.

You can die if you drink too much of it:

Balzac would concur to that if he was alive. Coffee is a delicious and very stimulant drink, many people actually drink it to stay awake and to have more energy but if consumed relentlessly at the rate of, let’s say, seventy to one hundred and twenty cups a day it can put you to sleep forever. You’d better stick to your average two or three cups a day then, let’s keep only the benefits, shall we?

It is a dark and hot liquid after all.