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One of the most ancient agriculture goods on the history of mankind, coffee has its origin in Africa, on ancient Ethiopia, where it used to be cultivated by ancestors of today’s Oromo people.  The folklore of the region it’s also full of stories involving the coffee plant itself, the most know of them all being the story of Kaldi, a Ethiopian goatherd who is said to have discovered coffee as he noticed the excitement of his goats whilst feeding on the beans hanging on coffee trees. The coffee finally gained worldwide circulation when Arab people started dominating the region, and trade spread from North Africa to Middle East, and then Europe. But it was not until the 17th century until coffee started to get more popular, as the first European coffee house was opened in Rome in 1645. The Dutch East India Company then saw a great business opportunity, and started trade this product from Java and Ceylon, where it would become an important activity and generate one of the most valuable varieties of coffee know today. To 1910 to 1920, Brazil was the largest exporting potency of coffee, with activities that covered 70% of world’s coffee exportations. Since then, coffee agriculture spread around the world over a variety of countries of many different climates, soils and cultivation conditions – creating a rick variety of flavors. Here is some of the best coffee growing countries nowadays:

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The birthplace of coffee Arabica, the most common species around the world, Ethiopia today produces around 6.6 million of coffee bags. Their product is much valuated, as the flavors are very rich. Experts describe it full of sweet fruit notes and delicate floral aromas, some of the saying the Ethiopian coffee is how every coffee around the world should taste.


With a production around 11 million of bags a year, Colombia also have fine varieties and species on its own right. One of the most wanted places for baristas all over the world to visit; the coffee there can bring surprises on the mouth. It’s described to be unique and to reflect the abundance of microclimates present in the country, offering a unique experience to taste. Due to its geographical position near the Equator line, most areas there experience two harvest seasons a year, instead of just one harvest season seen on most countries. Although a variety of flavors can come from Colombian coffee, it is said that the true taste of this is fruit-like, when made with a good quality roasting process.


Located on Southeast Asia, with a hot and humid environment around the year, Indonesia is one of the most prestigious coffee growing places in the world, specially the islands of Java and Bali. Although the government has held back the overall quality of the product in the country, communities of farmers that still working for themselves and incentivizing quality of production are saving the day. Java coffee is highly marketable everywhere on the world, being a product of fine taste almost adored on the highest circles of gastronomy and coffee appreciation.